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Insurance marketers make a lot of mistakes which is as a result of the platform upon which they stand for their marketing. The marketing strategies sometimes do more harm than good and render the whole process inactive. Getting to know those mistakes that mar instead of make the industry will go a long way in fixing the errors so that they can be able to forge ahead successfully.

What is she talking about? You might ask, but wait let me explain to you. Imagine a situation where the insurance agent has the product he wants to market to you on his head and is trying, by all means, to pass it across to you, but the terms he is using to communicate it is not that clear to the person he is marketing to. At the end of the marketer would have wasted so much time and energy trying to explain while the client has wasted his own time trying to understand at the end they didn't come to conclusion or understanding.

This is as a result of one thing; unclear communication. The insurance agent has what he wants to communicate on his head while the insurance prospect has something different in heart, both ending on not achieving anything. This is the biggest error in the insurance marketing that needs to be corrected.


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To correct this anomaly, the insurance agents need to ascertain where the big mistake begins and make necessary corrections. The mistake begins by the insurance agent thinking there is only one certainty whereas, in the actual sense of it, there are two certainties: the reality based on the insurance marketers' knowledge and the reality based on the insurance prospect's perception.

Based on the insurance marketer's knowledge, he tries to force down his idea to the prospect thinking it will work but it never works and even where it seems to work, it doesn't last for a long time. Making the whole effort futile. Many at times, the insurance agents get agitated saying their prospect has a wrong certainty but is it that argument you want to dwell on or how to get along with them and win them over to your own idea?



Having known this, I think the best option would be to find out your insurance prospect's perspective and begin work from there. Gently, you will win him over to yourself and get him registered as your customer. But when you dwell more on the argument of who is right or wrong, you might end up not achieving anything and eventually lose the customer. Now let's consider some tips that can help you excel as an insurance agent:

Always Update Your Database

Make sure your data is always up to date to avoid too many spams and junk mails. Regularly go through your list to remove those that don't have interest, replacing them with those that have, so you will know you are reaching out to targeted individuals and not a bunch of uninterested individuals.

Make Your Presence Noticed On Social Media

Advertise on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Go as far as creating and uploading short clips of videos to advertise your product on YouTube. With this, you will be able to reach out to quite a number of people that might be interested in what you have to offer. Create a page for the product on Facebook and get people to like it so they can be getting your information. As soon as you do that, don't keep them for a long time without hearing from you.


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Go For A Website

If you don't have a website, go for one and use it extensively. This is another avenue through which you can reach out to your insurance perspective. There are a number of things you can include on your website to make it attract more traffic and draw many viewers among which are:

Speak about your agency

Explain your product and services

Add agency mission services

Welcome new prospect on board

Add and advertise promotional offers

Announce and wish clients happy birthday when it's time for their celebrations. When you upload your videos on your website, you can share it to other places like facebook, twitter, etc.


Write Captivating Email Subjects

Ensure that the email subjects you use are captivating enough. This is what will pin down the client to read to the end of the mail. But if the subject is repulsive, the client might end up deleting the mail before getting to see the body.

Launch A Site Dedicated To Mobile Users

If your website is not mobile friendly, then there is need to launch another site that will accommodate that. The reason is that most people go with mobile phones. The number of people that can sit with the computer to browse is quite limited, so if you wish to get many audiences it is better to go mobile so that even when they are on the road, they can easily access your site.

Create Marketing Campaign

You can use mail chimp and other marketing tools to create marketing campaign/newsletter that can be going out weekly or monthly depending on the content. With this, you can keep your clients close and addicted to your site. I believe that this article has opened your eyes to so many things which you don't know before now. I believe also that you are going to take the decision to put into practice what you have learned through it. For more information visithttps://www.mykeymaninsurance.com/

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